Sunday, August 2, 2009

Larry Summers: A Master of Double-Speak

This guy is so over-rated it makes my stomach churn. Obama's economics team refuses to admit that because they got it wrong on the severity of the recession, that the stimulus plan was not front-loaded enough and that the spending needs to be more sharply focused and shifted forward. Instead, they shout down tough questions and continue to try to BS the American public into believing that they've got it all under control and that the wasteful, massive deficit spending yet to come on pork and social agenda items will be good for us.

Listen in this clip to how Summers flip-flops between whether the stimulus plan was intended to have a short- or long-term impact. Listen also to the double-speak about job creation. "We don't know what the baseline is, or how many jobs will actually be saved or created, but we know it will be more than what otherwise would have happened." Huh? I wish I never had to substantiate any of my ideas or actions. It's insulting to anyone with half a brain. This guy is a thug, a crook, and a moron.