Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Follow-up on Obama and Change Management

As a follow-up to my last article on the importance of change management, below are a coupled of links to analyses of Obama's success or lack thereof in managing change. Both analyses reference the Harvard/Kotter change management model that I mentioned in my article.

"...Obama seemed to miss the opportunity to re-mobilize and engage the millions of supporters that had been energized by his campaign and to redirect them towards specific initiatives. Instead, he seemed to focus his efforts on traditional political forms of influence, with the unintended consequence of even greater polarization than there was at the beginning of his term."
Analysis from the Harvard Business Review blog: click here.

"President Barack Obama embarked on one of the most challenging change leadership initiatives imaginable -- with no previous large-scale change experience. Some have said that inexperience does not matter if the president surrounds himself with experienced people.

They were wrong."
Analysis from Human Resource Executive Online: click here.